If you have only a limited space in your kitchen for your indoor herb garden, then you can try in making a one-pot indoor herb garden. And in making a one-pot indoor herb garden, you should decide on specific herbs you are going to include in your indoor herb garden, since you only have a large single pot where you are going to plant all your herbs. For me, planting only 3 herbs in one-pot is advisable, since herbs should not overcrowd. You will no longer have to spend money buying herbs in the supermarket if you have your own indoor herb garden inside your kitchen.

One-Pot Indoor Herb Garden

Choosing a Pot for Your Indoor Herb Garden

If you plan on planting a lot of herbs for your one-pot indoor herb garden, then you will surely need a large pot. However, if you have a very limited space in your kitchen, then just choose a pot that can easily fit in the available space. One thing that is very important in choosing a pot for any indoor herb garden is that it should have holes in the bottom for proper drainage. And make sure that you will have a tray placed under the pot to prevent dirt and water dripping to the floor.

Planting Soil for Your Indoor Herb Garden

To promote drainage for your one-pot indoor herb garden, you can fill a few inches at the bottom of the pot stones or gravel.  After filling a few inches of the pot with stones or gravel, fill now the pot with soil (stop at about 2 inches from the top of the pot). Moisten the soil with water and mix the soil evenly. Once the soil has a consistency of “loose mud”, you can now then transfer your herbs into the container. Give several inches of space between each herb. After planting all herbs, water the herbs again gently.

Perfect Location for Your One-Pot Indoor Herb Garden

It is best to place your one-pot indoor herb garden to a place where it can get maximum exposure to natural sunlight, since most herbs need at least 5 hours to 6 hours of sunlight exposure every single day. It is also important to keep the air inside the room where your one-pot indoor herb garden located as fresh as possible. Keep the ventilation in the room open. In watering the herbs, do not overwater it, since it can damage the roots of your herbs. Watering your indoor herb garden maybe once a week can be done, or just water them when needed. You can use the tip of your fingers to feel the soil of your one-pot indoor herb garden if it is still moist or needs watering.