Having your very own herb garden at home will not just give you an unlimited supply all year round of clean and fresh herbs, your herb garden can also make the atmosphere in your home fresh, especially when you have an indoor herb garden. If you are planning to make your own indoor herb garden, you can try or consider using a hanging basket. Hanging basket herb garden can accommodate several herbs in one basket, and all herbs will always be within reach. Just choose an area in your kitchen or wherever you want to hang your hanging basket garden where natural sunlight can reach for at least 6 hours per day.

Tips in Taking Good Care of Your Hanging Basket Garden

Hanging Basket Herb Garden

  1. Root systems of all your herbs can easily rot when the soil is constantly wet. To prevent that from happening, make sure that the basket you have chosen for your hanging basket herb garden should have enough holes for water to drain. You do not have to keep the soil wet, since herbs can thrive well in moist soil. Adding perlite to your potting soil can enhance drainage. In fact, you can only water your hanging basket once every 5 days, or even once a week. Just feel the moisture of your soil using your fingertips.
  2. Herbs for your hanging basket herb garden should have the same amount of sunlight and water needs, since you are going to water them together and all the herbs can receive equal amounts of sunlight. If you mix herbs that are not fond of too much sunlight with herbs that love sunlight exposure, you may not be able to provide your herb garden with what your herbs need.
  3. You have to harvest or snip your herbs regularly. Harvesting regularly can prevent your herbs from flowering and setting seeds. Snipping can also help in maintaining the neatness and compactness of your hanging herb garden.
  4. If your herb garden’s purpose is for cooking, practice to use your herbs every time you cook. You will not just prevent your herbs from flowering and seeding out, you and your family can also gain health benefits from eating natural, clean and fresh herbs every single day.
  5. If you plant on planting any herb from the mint family, you should plant it separately in one basket. Mint grows and spreads quickly, which can overrun your entire hanging basket herb garden. And mint also needs shade and consistently moist soil for it to survive.